A Simma Potain GT 187 repaired onsite after failing its twenty-year inspection

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This was a demanding intervention, which required coordination of many different operations, but the repair carried out at the Sarzana shipyard (La Spezia) successfully returned a Simma Potain GT 187 from 1984 to functioning capacity, after it had not passed structural tests.

Boring the boom, welding some cracks, substitution of the bolting on the tower, substitution of the slewing ring and its bolts, and the cables of some pulleys, and finally painting the whole crane to protect it from exposure to the maritime climate.

The repair was completed in just one week, thanks to the perfect planning and preventative design of the intervention, allowing us to rotate operations according to a tightly-packed programme of tasks.

Imola Gru therefore confirms its position as a point of reference for large-scale repairs to tower cranes, carried out not only in our internal workshop, but also directly on-site. This offers a full turnkey service to the customer that includes planning of repairs, organisation of operations (even the most particular ones), management of suppliers, location and coordination of third-party vehicles and machines and supply of spare parts, reducing the length of machine shutdowns to an absolute minimum.

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