Inspections for Lifting Accessories

Inspections for Lifting Accessories

Thanks to our twenty-year experience in the sector and our use of IT support specially developed in the group’s software house, Imola Gru offers a management system for quarterly inspections of lifting accessories which is able to provide the customer with an effective service in terms of quality, safety and cost.

The tests are carried out in compliance with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, Italian Leg. decree 17/2010 and they
use the help of the most cutting-edge IT support (mobile devices and applications), with the goal of creating maximum efficiency of registration times and reporting to the customer.

After every visit, an Execution of Work Report is issued, complete with a summary of the accessories checked and the evaluation of each accessory. This will then be trackable in the Customer Extranet Area (reserved area of the Imola Gru website), a truly exportable, printable online audit log.

Why choose Imola Gru?

Online Audit Log

because you have a reserved area available to consult on the Imola Gru website, with a history of all operations carried out, including an archive of certifications and work reports.

Inventory of Accessories

because we log every single accessory, apply an identification number, and create a digital record consultable in real time on the extranet for Imola Gru customers.

Quality, Safety, Environment

because we have a QSE (Quality, Safety and Environment) Office, always up-to-date with the latest reference standards and tasked with producing safety documentation (POS – Operational Safety Plan, DUVRI – Interference Risk Assessment Document, authorisations for access)

Mobile Storage

because we have a wide range of spare parts already stored in our repair vehicles – a truly mobile storage facility for all the less bulky spare parts (chains, belts, small components)