Certified Welding

Certified Welding

As well as inspecting the machines and helping you in cases of unexpected shutdowns, we can also resolve more specific situations, such as structural renovation. In Imola Gru’s portfolio, we are qualified as certified welders, allowing us to repair all of your lifting equipment at height, with certified planning and procedure carried out by an expert engineer.

Of course, these repairs are accompanied by all the legal documentation.

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Why choose Imola Gru?

Online audit log

because you have a reserved area available to consult on the Imola Gru website, with a history of all tests and interventions carried out on individual accessories: the audit log is updated in real time, and is downloadable and exportable

Inventory of Accessories

because we log every single accessory, apply an identification number, and create a digital record consultable in real time on the extranet for Imola Gru customers

First Response

because you can call us at any time, in the event of urgent breakdowns or tests, and a back office team will aim to immediately plan an intervention.

Mobile Storage

because we have a wide range of spare parts already stored in our repair vehicles – a truly mobile storage facility for all the less bulky spare parts (chains, belts, small components)

Qualità, Sicurezza, Ambiente

perché abbiamo un Ufficio QSA (Qualità, Sicurezza, Ambiente) sempre aggiornato sulle normative di riferimento e deputato a produrre la necessaria documentazione di sicurezza (POS, DUVRI, autorizzazioni all’accesso, documentazione per appalti pubblici e privati)