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About us, Imola Gru

Imola Gru has been operating since 1990 in the field of technical assistance for lifting equipment, in both the construction and industrial sectors.
The main services that we offer are installations, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, supply of spare parts, structural checks and Non-Destructive Testing, to which we have added crane rental and sale of used cranes for construction.
An authorised agency for the most important brands in the sector (Manitowoc, Potain, Grove, Fassi and AUTEC), Imola Gru operates in Italy and around the world, also in specialised environments such as off-shore sites.
The company boasts customer service and technical expertise that is unique in the sector: we are divided into Business Units dedicated to the various types of lifting equipment, and today we can also count on delocalised Operative Units in the North-East of Italy (Udine) and Tuscany (Pisa).

The need to manage high-risk services safely has led Imola Gru to focus, ever since its founding, on continuous training for our operators (both technical and safety-based) and on the highest level of technological innovation, both in terms of equipment and the organisation of our work.
Technology is a guarantee of safety for Imola Gru, as well as an indispensable factor in the efficiency of our service.

The company has developed the first management software specifically for technical assistance, called “Logica”. This system allows us to take care of our customers and organise orders, staff and equipment for the operations that need to be carried out.
Our continued development of this software has led to its integration with the company’s website (customer extranet area) and with the most recent innovations in IT and mobile technology. From this, we have created two new mobile apps for the management of accessory inspections and interventions.

A fleet of vehicles equipped as mobile workshops, a large warehouse of spare parts, a specialised internal workshop, an online shop for the sale of spare parts, a Technical Office, and a Quality and Safety Office dedicated to managing large tenders and updates to regulation breathe life into a business structure that is unique in our sector (certified ISO 9001).