Structural Tests with Remaining Life

Structural Tests with Remaining Life

As required by regulation, after 20 years on the market, it is necessary to carry out a supplementary survey of a machine.
The aim of this test is to check the state of the machine, identify possible faults, defects or anomalies produced during use, and then establish any necessary interventions, as well as the “remaining life” of the machine, in order to guarantee safe use.
Lifting equipment is subject to load cycles, or in other words, structural fatigue, which over time, and with the lifting of varying loads, can lead to the weakening of structural sections and possible collapse as a result.
The test is carried out by an expert engineer and includes Non-Destructive Testing. At the end of the inspection, a comprehensive report containing calculations of remaining life cycles and possible interventions or overhauls to carry out for safety is produced for every machine.

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