Quarterly maintenance

Quarterly maintenance

The Imola Gru maintenance plan is designed to respond to the technical, legal and organisational requirements related to the use of lifting equipment, with a global approach.

The first goal of our tests and operations is to guarantee the correct functioning of the machine, in terms of reliability, performance and safety, the latter of which is subject to strict regulations. The Imola Gru maintenance contract:

  • The contract foresees a detailed check-list of tests for each of the four quarterly maintenance visits, based on the type of machine.
  • At the first visit, a general check of the machine is carried out, to provide an up-to-date picture of its state and any possible parts at risk (with indication of priority, at the discretion of the customer).
  • All visits are planned and organised by a dedicated operator who will relieve the customer from managing the machine: a global maintenance service, totally outsourced to rationalise costs and resources.
  • A reserved area on the Imola Gru website (Extranet Area) allows the customer to see their own online audit log in real time, up-to-date up to the most recent intervention (this list is exportable and printable).
  • The visits are carried out by technicians who constantly update their training through theoretical courses and training in the field.
  • For every machine under contract, particular discounts and special services are available (technical office, safety advice, mobile storage etc.), as well as free assistance over the phone.

Why choose Imola Gru?

Reducing the number and extent of faults, and therefore also the cost of extraordinary maintenance

Increasing production efficiency, reducing machine shutdowns

Working safely

Preserving the value of machines over time