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Why choose Imola Gru?

Authorised Agency

because we are an authorised agency for the main brands in the sector (Potain, Simma, Grove, AUTEC, Stahl, Fassi), with a direct supply of original spare parts

Turnkey service

because we offer “turnkey” services, taking responsibility for the entire planning of an intervention

Personalised assistance

because we offer personalised assistance and maintenance plans, based on the context you work in and the usage cycles of your crane

Back office

because we provide you with dedicated back office staff, ready to pick up your calls and find you the fastest possible solution

Fully-equipped fleet

because we have teams of technicians and a fleet of fully-equipped vehicles overseeing the territory, always ready to intervene

Technical Office

because we have a centralised Technical Office, ready to support our technicians in the field, providing assistance for the most challenging situations

QSE Office

because we have a Quality, Safety and Environment Office which is always up-to-date on the latest regulations for site documentation (POS – Operational Safety Plan – and documentation for public and private tenders)

Online audit log

because you have a reserved area on our website with a history of all operations carried out on every machine

Original Spare Parts

because we always supply you with the original spare part required in the shortest time possible